Apple - How to open pgAdmin 4?

I just closed pgAdmin 4 in the Activity Monitor and started it again. Then I see a new tab open up with pgAdmin 4. It apparently is running on a different port (63467) than shown in the screenshots.

enter image description here

Today is my second day using pgAdmin, I downloaded it yesterday and it worked fine, but today I couldn't find a way to start it up again.

Solution was this.. I found the downloaded .dmg file again (pgadmin4-3.5.dmg) and clicking on that as I did yesterday, then accepting the warning, it created an .app file same as yesterday (pgAdmin I then copied that file, and pasted it into my Applications folder, which I didn't do yesterday.

After doing that I can find that .app file with Launcher, click on it, and it opens a browser tab, starts the client, and shows the server connection I created yesterday.

Since I like shortcuts then I prepared a solution which opens pgAdmin 4 with a quick Alfred/Spotlight shortcut called db without problems for me:

Assuming you have pgAdmin inside Applications folder already then save the following script as and you should be good to go:


# Kill all possible previous pgadmin processes:
for pid in $(pgrep -i pgadmin)
  kill -9 $pid

# Open new pgadmin process:
open -a pgAdmin\ 4

After that I could use Alfred/Spotlight search with a keyword db and it starts up new tab with pgAdmin session.