How to make funnels on `screen_view` Firebase event

You can now enable Google Analytics for Firebase (in the console). This will enable automatic transfer of all of the Firebase Analytics events (including screen_view) to Google Analytics. Google Analytics in turn allows to build funnels for events and parameter values. A funnel in GA can be closed or open.

First of all, Firebase unfortunately does not support closed funnels. That means you can't see the subset of events of the previous event.

Funnels in Firebase are open funnels, meaning that users do not have to complete a previous step (e.g., Step 1) in order to be included in the metrics for a subsequent step (e.g., Step 2). 1

To your question about filtering on event parameters. That is not possible either. If you want to create a custom dashboard you can export your events to BigQuery and then query your events there. Another option would be to create compound events from your screen_views, e.g. A_then_B when a user navigates from screen A to screen B.