How to know if a site is gzipped?

If you're using Chrome or Firefox, you can open the developer tools and see it.

  • In Chrome, this is done from the wrench menu: Tools > Developer tools, or alternatively by pressing CtrlShiftI.
  • In Firefox, click the menu button: Developer > Inspector, or alternatively by pressing CtrlShiftC.

Once you have the developer tools open, you can click on the Network tab, and do a refresh on the page. If you then click on the top entry in the list and select Headers on the right side, it'll list all the response headers for the page.

If you find Content-Encoding: gzip in the list, then the page is gzip-compressed.

Here's what it looks like in Chrome:

Screenshot of the Chrome inspector.

Here's what it looks like in Firefox: Screenshot of the Firefox inspector.

And here is another gzip checker: gzipWTF

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enter image description here

If you dont have Chrome installed here are some alternatives: