How to join on subqueries using ARel?

Pierre, I thought a better solution could be the following (inspiration from this gist):

a = A.arel_table  
b = B.arel_table

subquery = b.project(b[:a_id].as('A_id')).where{c > 4}  
subquery ='intm_table')  
query = A.join(subquery).on(subquery[:A_id].eq(a[:id]))

No particular reason for naming the alias as "intm_table", I just thought it would be less confusing.

OK so my main problem was that you can't join a Arel::SelectManager ... BUT you can join a table aliasing. So to generate the request in my comment above:

a = A.arel_table
b = B.arel_table

subquery ={c > 4}
query = A.join('B')).on(b[:a_id].eq(a[:id])
query.to_sql # SELECT A.* INNER JOIN (SELECT B.a_id FROM B WHERE B.c > 4) B ON = B.a_id