How to install stringi from local file (ABSOLUTELY no Internet Access)

For a Linux machine the easiest way is from my point of view:

  1. Download the release you need from Rexamine in tar.gz format to your local pc. In opposition to the version on CRAN it already contains the icu55\data\ folder.
  2. Move the archive to your target linux machine without internet access
  3. run R CMD INSTALL stringi-1.0-1.tar.gz (in case of release 1.0-1)

If you have no internet access on local machines, you can build a distributable source package that includes all the required ICU data files (for off-line use) by omitting some relevant lines in the .Rbuildignore file. The following command sequence should do the trick:

wget -O
sed -i '/\/icu..\/data/d' stringi-master/.Rbuildignore
R CMD build stringi-master

Assuming the most recent development version is 1.3.1, a file named stringi_1.3.1.tar.gz is created in the current working directory. The package can now be installed (the source bundle may be propagated via scp etc.) by executing:

R CMD INSTALL stringi_1.3.1.tar.gz

or by calling install.packages("stringi_1.3.1.tar.gz", repos=NULL), from within an R session.