How to install a compiled by Gradle jar into the local Gradle Repository files-2.1 instead of the Maven repository?

What worked for me is gradle install -Dmaven.repo.local=the/path/of/the/folder.

I don't know which IDE you are using but in eclipse you can add a new Run Configuration, in Gradle taks add install and in program arguments -Dmaven.repo.local=the/path/of/the/folder.

If you insist on manipulating the cache, then your best bet is to write a shell script that will manually replace latest JAR in the cache.

The reason is that Gradle does not come with this functionality built-in, as Gradle uses notion of "local cache" in a strict sense, as opposed to "local repository" which is used by Maven.

The difference is that you are never supposed to save files to local cache manually.

To solve your problem the recommended way: Suppose that project A is a dependency of project B. Then you can call publishToMavenLocal command in project A to refresh the depedency. Add mavenLocal() repository in of project B, so every time you build project B, Gradle will check the local repository when resolving the dependency A.

mavenLocal() is resolved like this:

In order to make use of a non-standard local maven repository, you can use the following configuration in your build.gradle:

repositories { maven { url '/Users/manuelj/apache/maven/repository' } }