How to identify file type by Base64 encoded string of a image

I have solved my problem with using mimeType = URLConnection.guessContentTypeFromStream(inputstream);

{ //Decode the Base64 encoded string into byte array
 // tokenize the data since the 64 encoded data look like this ""

    String delims="[,]";
    String[] parts = base64ImageString.split(delims);
    String imageString = parts[1];
    byte[] imageByteArray = Base64.decode(imageString );

    InputStream is = new ByteArrayInputStream(imageByteArray);

    //Find out image type
    String mimeType = null;
    String fileExtension = null;
    try {
        mimeType = URLConnection.guessContentTypeFromStream(is); //mimeType is something like "image/jpeg"
        String delimiter="[/]";
        String[] tokens = mimeType.split(delimiter);
        fileExtension = tokens[1];
    } catch (IOException ioException){


if you want to get Mime type use this one

const body = {profilepic:""};
let mimeType = body.profilepic.match(/[^:]\w+\/[\w-+\d.]+(?=;|,)/)[0];

online Demo here


if you want to get only type of it like (png, jpg) etc

const body2 = {profilepic:""};
let mimeType2 = body2.profilepic.match(/[^:/]\w+(?=;|,)/)[0];

online Demo here