Apple - How to gracefully import CSV files into v3?

So the Apple thread recommended changing the txt to csv. This didn't work, my file was already csv, properly formated etc. No, changing to txt did the trick.
I'm finding it harder and harder to recommend switching from Microsoft to Apple. This sort thing just shouldn't be happening.

I have faced a similar problem: after exporting a csv file from MySQL I tried to open directly into Numbers but it did not open correctly so I tried to drag the file onto an open sheet and it also and did not work.

Then I read lot of things on Internet about how Numbers deals with comma, so I exported the data once again switching comma (,) for semicolon (;) and voilà!

Dragging and dropping a CSV onto a table works again since v3.2!

Currently in v6, I find that I can drag data onto an existing table, but it will overwrite the table's contents.

To preserve existing rows:

  • select the file in Finder and Copy
  • select the target cell in your target table (usually the last row in column A)
  • Paste

When selecting the target cell, you may want to hit Escape to ensure you're not in edit mode.