How to get client ip from Google Network Load Balancer with kubernetes service

Just add externalTrafficPolicy: Local

  externalTrafficPolicy: Local
  type: LoadBalancer

Packets sent to Services with Type=LoadBalancer are source NAT’d by default, because all schedulable Kubernetes nodes in the Ready state are eligible for load-balanced traffic. So if packets arrive at a node without an endpoint, the system proxies it to a node with an endpoint, replacing the source IP on the packet with the IP of the node (as described in the previous section).



Because Network Load Balancer handles all incoming traffics and redirect to your GKE cluster. Inside k8s cluster, everything is running under virtual IP network, so you get

The 1st document says you need to setup firewall to accept traffics from client source IP, otherwise by GCP default you are not gonna get any incoming traffic. But 2nd document indicates that GKE will automatically setup for you. All you need to do is find out your external IP and give it a try. You should be able to see your nginx welcome page.

P.S. The default external IP is dynamic, if you want a static IP you can get one via console or gcloud CLI.