How to fix VMWare Fusion Pro 10, "Cannot find a valid peer process to connect to"


With help from Daniel I was not able to find the solution although it took me a bit to find the right area. I have written up the process in detail below to help others resolve this issue. I found this problem often occurs when you do not allow this option during the VMWare installation or the dialog requesting this during the installation is no longer available (as was my case).

Here are the steps in detail

  1. Open System Preferences by searching in Spotlight or clicking the gear icon in the dock.
  2. On the top row there is an icon for Security and Privacy - Click that icon
  3. Near the bottom of the screen that appears following statement

System software from developer "VMWare, Inc." was blocked from loading

If you look to the right of this message. you will see a button marked Allow. Click the button and the message and the button disappear. Note you do not need to "unlock" elevated changing using the lock icon at the bottom for this to work.

In my case I did not get the allow button to appear under the Security & Privacy General tab, no matter how many times I reinstalled or rebooted.

To fix it I enabled the "Allow apps downloaded from:" "Anywhere" option using the command:

sudo spctl --master-disable

Then after rebooting, the "Allow" button appeared.

On your Mac try:

"System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Allow VMware Fussion"

This resolved my issue. Hope it works for you!