How to Fix this specific Google "Fetch as Googlebot" error appearing on my Webmaster Tools?

Install the user agent switcher extension for Firefox and create a user agent for Googlebot. Then view your site and see what happens. If you get the above error then your site is configured wrong somewhere. If you don't then the issue lies with Google and you should go to their forums for support.

thanks for all your help. They were all very helpful and gave me more information that I didn't know. I ended up checking the .htaccess file , and suddenly found some "Deny" commands with IP addresses after it.

One of the ip addresses was blocking all connections with Google.

So it was being blocked, maybe by a "Bogus" Plugin from Wordpress, or maybe someone possibly hacked into my server and changed the settings, which I find unlikely coz if they could access my account they could have easily been able to erase the website and do something funny. Doesn't seem too unreal as my website has a very high traffic demand and is about politics in my country.

So, the solution is to remove the following line from the ".htaccess" file - see below:

deny from 66.249

Thank you all.