How to fix AttributeError: partially initialized module?

Make sure the name of the file is not the same as the module you are importing – this will make Python think there is a circular dependency.

Also check the URL and the package you are using. "Most likely due to a circular import" refers to a file (module) which has a dependency on something else and is trying to be imported while it's already been imported. Once it's correct, you should have something like this:

import requests

r = requests.get("")       

# 200

This can happen when there's a local file with the same name as an imported module – Python sees the local file and thinks it's the module.

In my case, I had a file I created in the same folder called So my code was actually importing that file and not the actual requests module you install with pip. Then I had another issue with a file I created called I renamed both files and the issue was resolved.