How to fix a tmux session messed up by control characters

Solution 1:

Ctrl+B then r should do it. This causes tmux to redraw the entire screen from scratch.

Solution 2:

ctrl-b r is not the right answer. The right answer is:

  1. ctrl-b shift-D to get a list of the attached sessions
  2. select the session that you were using when you messed up the screen, and press Enter to detach it (or iterate through this list and detach from all sessions, if you prefer)
  3. if detached from all sessions in #2, then tmux attach -t again to attach a brand new session. This will get rid of the problematic session without having to terminate tmux.

Solution 3:

There is a detailed explication how to reset many parts of tmux in stack exchange:

For me, often only tmux rename-window myWindowName and printf '\033]2;%s\007' "$(uname -n) (set status right) are required.

Solution 4:

3 options...

  1. stty sane
  2. reset
  3. echo ^v^o (that's E