How to find executable filetypes?

Later edit: only this one does what jan needs: thank you huygens;

find . -exec file {} \; | grep -i elf

Like others, I want to answer too. My answer is based on using the find utility too, but I have an idea, which is differ against other answers. It grounded on that fact, that the -exec can be used as the search criteria too. Now, having this thing in mind, we can refactor all of the previous proposals to this one:

find /path -type f -exec sh -c "file {} | grep -Pi ': elf (32|64)-bit' > /dev/null" \; -print

I.e. we have moved the grep into the -exec.

What does this give to us, you may ask? We can use the flexibility of the -print and others of the find utility. For example, we can format an output on our taste, or use the -print0 and redirect an output to some script etc.