How to filter on ANTD table when the column is a JSON array instead of a string

It is very difficult to guess what went wrong from the error you provided. So the best I can do is to point out a few things that you should take care of.

The render method of getColumnSearchProps() is erroneous. If the text is null (due to a row not having any Tags) it will try to convert it to a string and crash. To avoid that, check text exists before rendering:

render: text =>
      text ? (
          highlightStyle={{ backgroundColor: "#ffc069", padding: 0 }}
      ) : null

The same applies for onFilter method:

onFilter: (value, record) =>
    ? record[dataIndex]
    : false,

You have two render methods for rendering Tags column. One inside getColumnSearchProps() and one after ...this.getColumnSearchProps('Tags') call. This should be fine because the later will override the previous. Then again, why would you declare the precious if you don't need it?

Hope this helps.