Sharepoint - How to export a list in SharePoint 2010 and import it into 2013

Using Export and Import, you can migrate list from SP 2010 to SP 2013 but you have to make some manual changes.

  1. Export the list from SharePoint 2010 using either the Central Administration or PowerShell (Export-SPWeb). In the Central Administration, go to Backup and Restore > Export a site or list. Choose your list, and click Start Export

  2. Copy the exported list (.cmp file) to your desktop and change the extension to .cab. You can then extract it using a software like WinRar.

  3. Open the SystemData.XML file with an editor like NotePad++ and change the version from to , and the build version from your 14.0.x.x to 15.0.x.x (depending on the build you have on both your farms).

  4. Now we have to repackage it as a .cab file. I used a software called CabPack. Select your Source and Destination. Change the CabinetNameTemplate if you want, and click on OK.

  5. Change the extension from .cab to .cmp

  6. Copy the .cmp file back on the network share or directly on the SharePoint 2013 Server. Open SharePoint 2013 Management Shell as an administrator. Run this command by changing the parameters of course!

Import-SPWeb "SiteCollection Name" path c:\backup\Customers.cmp

  1. Open up your SharePoint Site and your list should be there.