How to determine "Predictable Name" of network interface

Details of the naming scheme are in the source code: udev/udev-builtin-net_id.c. Previously, this had a nice readable comment block explaining things, but since a refactor removed that a better reference is at man

Some common schemes are PCI physical, PCI hotplug, and onboard. Your enp interface suggests physical.

Stripping out exotic and irrelevant bits from the comments leaves these rules:

 * Two character prefixes based on the type of interface:
 *   en — Ethernet
 * Type of names:
 *   [P<domain>]p<bus>s<slot>[f<function>][n<phys_port_name>|d<dev_port>]
 *                                         — PCI geographical location
 * All multi-function PCI devices will carry the [f<function>] number in the
 * device name, including the function 0 device.
 * When using PCI geography, The PCI domain is only prepended when it is not 0.

That PCI bus name is formatted as domain:bus:slot.function.

Assuming it is not a multifunction device, [email protected]:41:00.0 appears as enp65s0, since hex 41 converts to decimal 65.