How to design wide band amplifiers?

That board uses an INA-02186 device, which is not a bipolar transistor but a complete MMIC gain block encapsulated in a typical transistor package.

This "performance figure" comes from a random ebay seller (to whom, by the way, I'm not related in any way):

ebay amp performance figure

which, as you can see, is nothing but a snapshop from the INA-02186 datasheet:

INA-02186 performance figure

The INA-02186 is pre-matched to 50 \$\Omega\$, and that's the reason why you don't see any input or output matching networks. However, matching performance is not stellar either: its worst case IRL = 10 dB and ORL = 12 dB means that for some applications you can't simply ignore it.

INA-02186 IRL and ORL

Also note that although this device may have usable gain up to 2 GHz its 3-dB bandwidth is just 0.8 GHz according to the datasheet. It looks like it was designed to be a gain block with flat gain up to 0.8 GHz. Take that into account in your application, too.