How to delete hyper-v virtual switch extensions adapters from device manager

Solution 1:

The nuclear option that works with Windows Core is using netcfg to wipe out all your networking settings and re-initialize the network card drivers.

netcfg -d

That seems to work better than nvspbind.exe or various other PowerShell commands when I really screw up my Hyper-V VMSwitch or LBFOTeam networking settings.

Solution 2:

Following directions from the article Removing "Stale" Network Adapters in Hyper-V VM by Jeremy Jameson:

  1. Start an administrator command prompt;
  2. Run
    1. set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
    2. start devmgmt.msc
  3. In newly opened Device Manager "Uninstall" option in context menus worked for me (Win10 Pro).

Must say I tried the netcfg -d prior to this, but it had no observable effect. Also I had Hyper-V disabled at the time of this process.

Solution 3:

You want the "remove-vmnetworkadapter" cmdlet in PowerShell. Merely looking at Device Manager will only allow you to add or remove device drivers from "devices" in the machine, where in this case the device is virtual.

If you want a list of the virtual NICs that are exposed to the management OS (which is what you're showing above) you can use this command:

Get-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS

Then you can find the ones that you don't want and delete them with remove-vmnetworkadapter. Once the virtual switch stops reporting them as NICs in the machine, they'll disappear from Device Manager.

Solution 4:

I solved this by:

In PowerShell type: netcfg -d

This WILL DELETE all network adapters AND network SETTINGS! Physical adapters will NOT be LOST. Then i restored my network settings and created new External Virtual Switches. This worked for me fine and fast.

Windows 10 64bit there.


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