Android - How to deactivate Motoblur and undesirable services on Motorola Defy?

Ok, I've found a way to deactivate Motoblur without rooting the phone!

  1. Reset the phone to factory
    • SettingsPrivacy or SD and StorageFactory data reset
  2. When the phone reboot, cancel the configuration of Motoblur
  3. Take of the widget who remind you to configure it

And it's done !

You need root to do something like that, sorry to say. Rooting is probably less intrusive than screwing with system services, though.

You could use Titanium Backup to "freeze" an app which will prevent if from running or being altered. If that causes problems, you can simply unfreeze.

You could use Autostarts to control what events trigger what services. If a service is never triggered, it won't run!