How to create simple 2-page site using 2 markdown files in github pages?

just create a file with the content.
than you can link from your to your like so:
[YourLinkText For About](

I solved the issue.

The key is to include this at the top of the about markdown

title: Title

This helps github pages know the page is a markdown file that needs to be rendered.

The about page can be placed in the repo in an file, and linked to from the main file

One can create Multiple .MD Pages on GH-Pages

  1. Create a new file
  2. At the top of this file, add the following:
layout: template
  1. Link this in our file using:
Go to [about page](
  1. Commit your changes and push them to the gh-pages branch

Now, when you go to, you should see the contents of your formatted with the theme that you chose.


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