How to correctly deal with corporate customers that have outdated browsers

Make your site play well with IE8. Really.

IE8 isn't all that outdated. Unless your site is made solely to cater to them, in which case it should have been made to work with what they have in the first place.

You don't have control over what they run...they don't have control over what they run...but you do have control over what you serve. So the answer seems kind of obvious.

This is a product and policy question, not a technical question. However, I deal with a similar situation - we host a website that is based on a vendor's product, and it has a compatibility list. That list is given to our customers as part of their statement of work. If they can't run the browser(s) that we say our site works with, they don't get support for those browsers (or can even choose to not be customers.)

If the customer's company is buying your service, they need to be aware of your compatibility list. This isn't very different from them buying software to run in their own environment - if it requires SQL 2008 but they only have SQL 2005, it's up to them to either try to make it work, upgrade to the supported version, or not buy the product.

One of the best options is to make them install the Chrome Frame plugin:

The benefits are:

  • Your wordpress site will load as if they had Chrome.
  • Other sites, including their corporate tools, will still render in IE8.
  • They won't have to upgrade their browser.

You will need to add a meta tag to your wordpress site. There is also a wordpress plugin to do that: