How to connect to a MySQL Database without SSL

using MySql.Data.MySqlClient;

private const String SERVER = "";         // Server IP
private const String DATABASE = "abc";           // Date base name
private const String TABLE = "test";             // Table name
private const String UID = "user";               // Date base username
private const String PASSWORD = "pass";          // Date base password

public static void InitializeDataBase()
MySqlConnectionStringBuilder builder = new MySqlConnectionStringBuilder();

builder.Server = SERVER;
builder.UserID = UID;
builder.Password = PASSWORD;
builder.Database = DATABASE;
builder.SslMode = MySqlSslMode.None;
//builder.CertificateFile = @"<Path_To_The_File>\client.pfx";
//builder.CertificatePassword = "<Password_For_The_Cert>";

String connString = builder.ToString();
builder = null;

dbConn = new MySqlConnection(connString);         

Have you tried to set the SslMode property to 'none' in your connection string?

This should work:

new MySqlConnection("Database=Studentenverwaltung;Port=3306;Data Source=;User Id=root;Password=abc123;SslMode=none;")