How to configure Weblogic application Sever for Angular application

If it should be more comfortable than creating your own filter you could use: org.tuckey.urlrewritefilter

Simple 3 steps:

  1. Add the dependency to your pom.xml
  2. Add the filter UrlRewriteFilter from tuckey to the web.xml
  3. Configure the filter in a urlrewrite.xml

From my experience it is very handy (especially compared to the supported patterns in web.xml).
An example rule could be:


Use a servlet filter. If the request is a GET, and should be forwarded to index.html, then forward it to index.html. Otherwise, pass the request down the chain. Here's an example of such a filter. Of course, depending on the architecture of your application, the conditions could be different:

@WebFilter(value = "/*")
public class IndexFilter implements Filter {
    public void doFilter(ServletRequest req,
                         ServletResponse response,
                         FilterChain chain) throws IOException, ServletException {
        HttpServletRequest request = (HttpServletRequest) req;
        if (mustForward(request)) {
            request.getRequestDispatcher("/index.html").forward(request, response);

        chain.doFilter(request, response);

    private boolean mustForward(HttpServletRequest request) {
        if (!request.getMethod().equals("GET")) {
            return false;

        String uri = request.getRequestURI();

        return !(uri.startsWith("/api")
            || uri.endsWith(".js")
            || uri.endsWith(".css")
            || uri.startsWith("/index.html")
            || uri.endsWith(".ico")
            || uri.endsWith(".png")
            || uri.endsWith(".jpg")
            || uri.endsWith(".gif")
            || uri.endsWith(".eot")
            || uri.endsWith(".svg")
            || uri.endsWith(".woff2")
            || uri.endsWith(".ttf")
            || uri.endsWith(".woff");

    public void init(FilterConfig filterConfig) throws ServletException {
        // nothing to do

    public void destroy() {
        // nothing to do