How to change "From:" field for emails from Cron?

Solution 1:

Modern versions of cron do accept "MAILFROM=..." in the crontab format. I suggest that you try "man 5 crontab". If it mentions MAILFROM, your version should support it. The phrase to look for is towards the end of the paragraph discussing MAILTO, and should be something like this:

If MAILFROM is defined (and non-empty), it will be used as the envelope sender address, otherwise, ''root'' will be used.

Solution 2:

I don't think you can change the FROM address, (someone should add a MAILFROM option).

You can do something like this though to achieve a similar result:

* * * * * /path/to/script 2>&1 | mail -s "Output of /path/to/script" [email protected] -- -r "[email protected]" -F"Full Name of sender"

All output is piped to the mail command so the MAILTO variable isn't used at all.

The to address would need to be set but you may be able to use $MAILTO variable. The -- sets the rest of the options to be sendmail options so you can use the -r and and -F options.

-s is the subject

-r is the reply address

-F is the Full name of the sender (makes it look nice in email clients)

Solution 3:

/etc/mailname contains the domain name part of the FROM address. If /etc/mailname contains '' then cron running for root would have sender as [email protected]

Solution 4:

You can set the nullmailer from address via environment variables or command line. The command line arguments are -f and -F for sender address and full name respectively.

Usually you can set environment variables in the crontab.


5 0 * * * /usr/local/bin/

Solution 5:

For me, the easiest way to change the from address on a system, is to create a ~/.mailrc file with contents like this:

set name="My Full Name"
set from="[email protected]"

Any of the mail commands that run as my user, now use these settings.