How to add new PHP version to WAMP

I needed a way to manually install PHP 5.4, because there's no PHP 5.4 addon for my WampServer version.

This thread is a bit old but I'll give the procedure here, as it match to the original question.

I'll take PHP 5.4.13 for my example (currently the most recent 5.4 version)

  1. Download binaries on
  2. Extract all files in a new folder : C:/wamp/bin/php/php5.4.13/
  3. Copy the wampserver.conf from another php folder (like php/php5.2.8/) to the new folder
  4. Rename php.ini-development file to phpForApache.ini
  5. Done ! Restart WampServer (>Right Mouseclick on trayicon >Exit)

note: if you are adding php version 5.6, you need to copy php5apache2_4.dll from other php folder, too, otherwise the wamp server won't start.

I too needed to upgrade PHP in WAMP recently. There are a handful of steps to properly do so. I covered them all and provided screenshots in the post linked to above.

Hope it helps!

This is another helpful article about changing the php version in wamp.

A useful detail that is mentioned in the article is to update the environment variable to point to the new php, so you can get access to the right php cli.