How to add header row to a pandas DataFrame

col_Names=["Sequence", "Start", "End", "Coverage"]
my_CSV_File= pd.read_csv("yourCSVFile.csv",names=col_Names)

having done this, just check it with:


Simple And Easy Solution:

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv("path/to/file.txt", sep='\t')
headers =  ["Sequence", "Start", "End", "Coverage"]
df.columns = headers

NOTE: Make sure your header length and CSV file header length should not mismatch.

You can use names directly in the read_csv

names : array-like, default None List of column names to use. If file contains no header row, then you should explicitly pass header=None

Cov = pd.read_csv("path/to/file.txt", 
                  names=["Sequence", "Start", "End", "Coverage"])

Alternatively you could read you csv with header=None and then add it with df.columns:

Cov = pd.read_csv("path/to/file.txt", sep='\t', header=None)
Cov.columns = ["Sequence", "Start", "End", "Coverage"]