How to add background/fill color to a bounding_box in Prawn

This was discussed 2008 [1] (apparently didn't lead anywhere though), i don't see it mentioned anywhere in the manual [2] either.

As to how it's done: After putting all content into your bounding box, you can obtain the resulting width and height from the bounding box. With that information you can use primitve rectangle drawing to fill it. Afterwards you will have to redraw the content, because by now you will have painted right over it with your rectangle fill.

Hopefully (probably?) there's a better way too, one where you don't need to draw your actual content twice; Make sure to share it with everyone when you come across it!

All the stuff I mentioned in the quick how-to above is beautifully documented in the manual [2]; Good luck!



Here the code

    bounding_box([200,cursor], :width => 350, :height => 80) do
        stroke_color 'FFFFFF'
        stroke do
            stroke_color 'FFFF00'
            fill_color '36DA5C'
            fill_and_stroke_rounded_rectangle [cursor-80,cursor], 350, 80, 10
            fill_color '000000'