How should I choose a screen cleaning solution?

Don't waste money on solution, diluting vinegar with water works great.

I often just use plain old Water (H2O). Absolutely no worries about it harming the coating on the screen and it gets the job done perfectly.

As you wanted a vendor recommendation, a few years ago I collected 20 something odd cleaning solutions for TFT screens and personally tested them all for a few weeks at the office. In the end, Disko one-time use set was the clear winner by far (though also one of the more expensive). Their "wet" cloth was simply amazing, extremely thick and soaked like a sponge compared to other wet cloths that were usually just a damp and thin piece of paper-like material.

These days I'd go for just any microfibre cloth though and some water or if really deluxe, some vendors own cleaning solution which by experience perhaps'd be Disko as well, just for kicks or nostalgia ;)

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