How retrieve text from draftjs

Piyush Zalani answer is almost correct but the final join causes extra new lines to be appended if there is a block with nothing in it.

Here is a slightly modified version which correctly accounts for blocks that have only line breaks:

    const blocks = convertToRaw(editorState.getCurrentContent()).blocks;
    const mappedBlocks =
      block => (!block.text.trim() && "\n") || block.text

    let newText = "";
    for (let i = 0; i < mappedBlocks.length; i++) {
      const block = mappedBlocks[i];

      // handle last block
      if (i === mappedBlocks.length - 1) {
        newText += block;
      } else {
        // otherwise we join with \n, except if the block is already a \n
        if (block === "\n") newText += block;
        else newText += block + "\n";

The best way to retrieve text is by just using editorState.getCurrentContent().getPlainText('\u0001')

Note that the function getPlainText will always create a single space between blocks, so you need to send \u0001 as a parameter

You can make use of convertToRaw function of DraftJS something like following to get the text with break lines:

import {
} from 'draft-js';
const blocks = convertToRaw(editorState.getCurrentContent()).blocks;
const value = => (!block.text.trim() && '\n') || block.text).join('\n');