Android - How many tabs are open in chrome browser? (Above 100)

This is an Easter egg coded 4 years ago

From this XDA post- you need a rooted device ( you can't access /data/data/ without root )

  1. Download a root explorer capable app such as ES file explorer

  2. Navigate to chromes profile directory, mine was at /data/data/

  3. Open the app_tabs folder

  4. You should now see a single folder labeled "0"

  5. Select it and open its properties, under file count deduct 1 and that will be how many tabs you have open currently, deduct 1 because 1 file in there is only an overall tab state file

Verified on my device ( Moto X Play, 6.0.1, Chrome 52.0. 2743.91) when the tabs open are 4 = Files (5) minus one

enter image description here