How is it possible to find out the HDMI version on windows?

The article AMD Radeon RX 540 vs R7 M440 says that the M440 does not support HDMI 2.0, and in the section of "Advantages of AMD Radeon RX 540" it also lists HDMI 2.0 as one of the advantages of the RX540 over the M440.

Your CPU is i5-7200U, which you have already found out that it is only capable of HDMI 1.4.

The unfortunate conclusion is that your computer can only do HDMI 1.4. This does not mean that it cannot do 4K, but just not at 60Hz. It might be capable of doing 30 Hz or a bit less.

For viewing movies this might still be enough, and for many games as well.

I am not aware of any method to ask the OS about what version the graphics card ports are.

If there is a way to find out, it is somewhere in the graphics driver (but the closest thing I've ever personally come to seeing is the PCIE version...) I'm not on windows nor do I have a radeon graphics card so I can't test this. Additionally, you are in a peculiar situation where you have an integrated and dedicated graphics card.

Usually the method I use to figure out if my graphic card ports are capable of meeting certain standards is to read up on the graphics card on a desktop; but for a laptop I'm afraid there are too many factors that come into play so the only way to know is to read the specs of your specific laptop models.

In your case, your integrated graphics card is capable of 4k@60hz, but only via display port, not hdmi. Whether or not your dedicated GPU supports this is unknown, I cannot find any data on it either (but this strongly implies that it actually can't, because AMD would probably mention it if it could), and whether or not it can actually do it still also ends up being determined by your laptop, because the laptop manufacturer decides whether they put a 1.4 hdmi port or 2.0 hdmi port on the motherboard and HP does not say which it is.

I'm afraid the most likely conclusion, since no data on hdmi 2 support can be found for your laptop beyond that your integrated graphics do not support it; is that your laptop does not support it either.

If it's any consolation; using a 4K display with such low end hardware is a terrible idea; the 60hz wouldn't do you much good. You're not gonna be doing 4K gaming with such specs, you wouldn't even be able to run minecraft at 4k/60fps with your hardware.