How do you get a string from a MemoryStream?

Using a StreamReader to convert the MemoryStream to a String.

<Extension()> _
Public Function ReadAll(ByVal memStream As MemoryStream) As String
    ' Reset the stream otherwise you will just get an empty string.
    ' Remember the position so we can restore it later.
    Dim pos = memStream.Position
    memStream.Position = 0

    Dim reader As New StreamReader(memStream)
    Dim str = reader.ReadToEnd()

    ' Reset the position so that subsequent writes are correct.
    memStream.Position = pos

    Return str
End Function

use a StreamReader, then you can use the ReadToEnd method that returns a string.

You can also use


I don't think this is less efficient, but I couldn't swear to it. It also lets you choose a different encoding, whereas using a StreamReader you'd have to specify that as a parameter.

This sample shows how to read and write a string to a MemoryStream.

Imports System.IO

Module Module1
  Sub Main()
    ' We don't need to dispose any of the MemoryStream 
    ' because it is a managed object. However, just for 
    ' good practice, we'll close the MemoryStream.
    Using ms As New MemoryStream
      Dim sw As New StreamWriter(ms)
      sw.WriteLine("Hello World")
      ' The string is currently stored in the 
      ' StreamWriters buffer. Flushing the stream will 
      ' force the string into the MemoryStream.
      ' If we dispose the StreamWriter now, it will close 
      ' the BaseStream (which is our MemoryStream) which 
      ' will prevent us from reading from our MemoryStream

      ' The StreamReader will read from the current 
      ' position of the MemoryStream which is currently 
      ' set at the end of the string we just wrote to it. 
      ' We need to set the position to 0 in order to read 
      ' from the beginning.
      ms.Position = 0
      Dim sr As New StreamReader(ms)
      Dim myStr = sr.ReadToEnd()

      ' We can dispose our StreamWriter and StreamReader 
      ' now, though this isn't necessary (they don't hold 
      ' any resources open on their own).
    End Using

    Console.WriteLine("Press any key to continue.")
  End Sub
End Module