How do you access Webmin?

Solution 1:

Webmin is a web based application so you need to access it through your browser. It usually runs on port 10000, so the URL is usually:


Once you have logged in with a valid user you should, if it was setup correctly, be able to control many of your servers services from the web interface.

The default user name and password is that of your root user.

Solution 2:

You can access webmin with a web browser http://youripaddress:10000

Solution 3:

Once you have webmin STARTED (usually /etc/webmin/start) you should be able to access it here: (or whatever port you specifified during install)

Username: root Password: yourPassword

Here is the online documentation for webmin:

And yes, looks like its not responding but I figured I'd provide the link anyway so that future people coming here can find it easily.

Once you're done looking at Webmin, be sure to take a look at Virtualmin as well.

Solution 4:

In some distro, like Ubuntu, the root user is locked. This means that you can't use root to login in webdmin, unless you unlock it and set a password for it (I don't advise to do that).

I faced this issue and this is what I did to fix:

  1. sudo vim /etc/webmin/webmin.acl

    Copy the line root: acl adsl-client ajaxterm apache ...longlist... to a new line. Then replace root with a the name of an existing Linux user.

  2. sudo vim /etc/webmin/miniserv.users

    as before, copy the root entry to a new line and replace root with the username specified in step 1.

  3. sudo service webmin restart

    restart webmin

  4. https://servername:10000