Apple - How do I troubleshoot personal hotspot mode failing to issue IP addresses?

This one drove me nuts but I believe this will work for most of you:

Basically the APN settings for the Hotspot were missing.

If you can browse the internet on your phone and you can activate your Hotspot but you get the yellow exclamation mark on the computer's wifi or the 'Network cable unplugged" with USB tethering, try the following:

  1. Open Settings -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Network
  2. Check the APN/Username/Password settings under "Mobile Data" (most of the time username and password - if used - are identical, if not search APN settings on your provider's homepage)
  3. Enter the same settings under "Personal Hotspot" further down on the same settings page
  4. Return to Settings Menu
  5. Switch Mobile Hotspot off and on
  6. Connect to your Hotspot -> Internet on your computer should be working now

The problem appeared for me while roaming/after changing sims, basically every time the network settings get reconfigured and the APN settings automatically change for the roaming network/new network.

Hope it works for you too!

Found it! I went to a MetroPCS store and they looked at the phone. They enabled hotspot for my account, but it still would not help. They gave me a phone number to call, I called tech support, and was told:

  • Turn off LTE. Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE (Off)
  • Turn off/on Personal Hotspot.

Now it works! It only works on 4G.

I don't know if having the hotspot feature ($5/m) enabled on your account is relevant or not. I thought all data was combined, and since it is an unlocked phone, how could they know?

i had the same problem earlier on and it was soo frustrating!

Anyway i got it fixed (posting here using my revived laptop!) and the following was what worked for me:

Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Allow a program or feature > remove Bonjour > reboot computer and watch the magic unfold.

P.S This was a solution posted by kind humans in another forum but it took me long to find it..Just thought i could share it on this forum as well to hopefully make the search easier for others.

cheers, hope this would solve your problem too! :)