Wordpress - How do I remove a pre-existing customizer setting?

Late to the party but this will do the trick:


You want to remove just that control, not entire section as suggested above.

Remove a pre exising customizer setting in wordpress theme with this code.

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add_action( "customize_register", "ruth_sherman_theme_customize_register" );
function ruth_sherman_theme_customize_register( $wp_customize ) {

 // Remove header image and widgets option from theme customizer

 // Remove Colors, Background image, and Static front page 
 // option from theme customizer     


I found out the WP_Customize_Manager class has a function called remove_section(). In your function hooked to customize_register you can just do:


You can find the ID of the section (i.e. 'nav') if you inspect the accordion title bar of the section. Look at the ID of the containing <li> tag and it's the portion of the string after "customize-section-". I.E.:

<li id="customize-section-static_front_page" class="control-section customize-section">

-- the ID is "static_front_page"