How do I register Linux server with Windows DNS server

Solution 1:

If you want the Linux machines to update DNS themselves, then the DNS zone(s) must be configured for nonsecure dynamic updates. Then if you have the Samba client installed, you can update the record manually like this:

net ads dns register -P

I'm not sure if this command requires you to be on the domain though.

Solution 2:

Have you considered configuring your Windows DHCP server to update DNS entries from the DHCP leases? This could achieve the desired result without any changes on the DNS server or Linux side of things.

Solution 3:

Sorry, I forgot to put in the question that these are static IP's. I realize I could add the DNS entries on the Windows side manually as well, but I'm not actually in charge of that Windows DNS server.

If you don’t have control of the DNS server, and if the DNS isn’t set up to allow non-secure updates, and it isn't set up to update based on DHCP assignments, and you have a static address, then you are probably out of luck.

Since this system has a static address, is there some reason you can’t just contact the person who runs the DNS server and ask them to add a record for your system?

Solution 4:

This was resolved here using the standard Linux utility nsupdate and initial collaboration from your DNS server administrator.