How do I install Keras and Theano in Anaconda Python on Windows?

In windows with anaconda, just go on conda prompt and use this command

conda install --channel keras

The trick is that you need to create an environment/workspace for Python. This solution should work for Python 2.7 but at the time of writing keras can run on python 3.5, especially if you have the latest anaconda installed (this took me awhile to figure out so I'll outline the steps I took to install KERAS in python 3.5):

Create environment/workspace for Python 3.5

  1. C:\conda create --name neuralnets python=3.5
  2. C:\activate neuralnets

Install everything (notice the neuralnets workspace in parenthesis on each line). Accept any dependencies each of those steps wants to install:

  1. (neuralnets) C:\conda install theano
  2. (neuralnets) C:\conda install mingw libpython
  3. (neuralnets) C:\pip install tensorflow
  4. (neuralnets) C:\pip install keras

Test it out:

(neuralnets) C:\python -c "from keras import backend; print(backend._BACKEND)"

Just remember, if you want to work in the workspace you always have to do:

C:\activate neuralnets

so you can launch Jupyter for example (assuming you also have Jupyter installed in this environment/workspace) as:

C:\activate neuralnets
(neuralnets) jupyter notebook

You can read more about managing and creating conda environments/workspaces at the follwing URL:

I use macOS and used to have the same problem.
Running the following command in the terminal saved me:

conda install -c conda-forge keras tensorflow

Hope it helps.

It is my solution for the same problem

  • Install TDM GCC x64.
  • Install Anaconda x64.
  • Open the Anaconda prompt
  • Run conda update conda
  • Run conda update --all
  • Run conda install mingw libpython
  • Install the latest version of Theano, pip install git+git://
  • Run pip install git+git://