Apple - How do I get my iPhone to type the word "Period" instead of the punctuation while dictating?

I have the perfect solution, and it goes as follows.

  1. Create a new contact with the first name of what you want to be dictated, as you want it dictated exactly. (e.g. Contact first name "period" without the quotes.)

  2. Down at the bottom select add new field and add the phonetic first name field.

  3. Go back up and type out the phrase you'd like associated with the word. I like to use the word "literal" space then the word. (e.g. "literal period")

  4. Force quit all apps. and reopen the one you are using to dictate to.

  5. make a new sentence and say the phrase "literal period" and you should now get the word "period" in the sentence instead of "."

To conclude, this works for EVERYTHING. Proper Names, fantasy/sci-fi content, technical terminology, etc.