How do I find the codec for an AVI?

Open in notepad, do a search for 'vids' - the FOURCC is right after that. Eg you'll find something like:


Then google for 'fourcc WMV1' in this example.

This is a very simple process and can be done using the GSpot Codec Information Tool. Just download the program and install it. Now go into your Start Menu and open the program.

  1. Select File | Open and select your AVI file
  2. Look for the FourCC code for the file's Video Codec

  3. Visit the FourCC website and find out who develops that codec

  4. You can now go to that developers website to download your codec. You can also visit the Codec section of wmplugins.

Note: Do not download anything labeled as a "Codec Pack" or from the links at the top of the FourCC website. This will help you stay out of trouble when playing your files.

VLC has support for Divx and 3ivx built in for all platforms.

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