How do I find out if an oracle database is set to autocommit?

Oracle SQL Developer 4

  • Window > Preferences > Database > Advanced > check/uncheck Autocommit

Oracle SQL*Plus


SQuirreL SQL Client Version 3.7

  • File > New Session Properties > SQL tab > SQL section > check/uncheck Auto Commit SQL

Toad for Oracle Xpert

  • View > Toad Options... > Oracle > Transactions > check/uncheck Commit after every statement

SQL Workbench/J

  • Check the "Autocommit" property in the connection profile to set the connection default
  • Use SQL > Autocommit from the menu to change it dynamically

There is no such thing as autocommit in Oracle (server). Some client applications however default to autocommit (meaning they deliberately issue a commit between each statement). You will have to read the documentation of your application in order to determine if this is the case.