Apple - How do I download folders through FTP in Terminal?

mget is the closest you can get with the included FTP binary. You have to mkdir and cd/lcd and then get all the files than match a pattern like *

The prompt toggle may come in handy.

FTP works within a directory, not on directories as containers of files. If you absolutely had to get the job done and ftp was the only tool you could use - you could cobble together an expect script to drive ftp for you.

Thankfully there are alternatives like scp|rsync|wget to get whole directories worth of files.

Another way is to use curl

curl* --user login:password -o /myfolder/*

I think this is working, or file by file

curl --user login:password -o

I hope this helped.

Use scp (documentation) or sftp (documentation)

scp -r login@myserverip:/remote/directory/path/ mylocaldirectory