how do I clear google chrome console suggessions

I actually ran into this issue (needing to clear consoleHistory) when I maxed out its capacity. In this case clicking on chrome-devtools://de... in inspector would crash the window and trying to delete via localStorage.clear() or localStorage.removeItem() would timeout or be otherwise unsuccessful.

At the end of it -- my fix was deleting the localStorage data files themselves. On a mac, the instructions are:

cd ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Local Storage
rm chrome-devtools_devtools_0.localstorage
rm chrome-devtools_devtools_0.localstorage-journal

A quick google search suggests on Windows it's %LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage, but you may need to double check.

[EDIT] As of Chrome 50, you can use "Clear console history" from the console context menu.

Clear console history - Chrome DevTools

The situation seems to be a bit unlikely to happen (confident information in the devtools console?), but I've found the problem of clearing command history interesting. Especially, when it turned out that nothing from the 'Settings'->'Clear browsing data...' clears it. Closing the tab or restarting the browser doesn't help either.

First, I've opened DevTools (A) in a separate window:

DevTools - detaching window

Then, knowing that DevTools are in fact a webapp, I've opened another DevTools window (B) inside already opened one (A) using keyboard shortcut. Next, I've navigated to the "Resoures" tab, and in the "Local storage" section found a consoleHistory entry.

DevTools - clearing command history

After removing it (right-click and "Delete") and closing both DevTools windows (A and B) I found my console history empty.