How do I change the colour scheme on PuTTY?

Click on the System menu at the upper left corner of the PuTTY window.

  • Select Change Settings > Window > Colours.
  • In the box that says "Select a colour to adjust", choose ANSI Blue and click the Modify Button.
  • Slide the black arrow on the right up until you see a lighter shade of blue that you like.
  • Click OK.
  • Perform the same steps for ANSI Blue Bold so you can have a perceptible difference between the two.
  • When you're finished, click Apply.

In the PuTTY configuration window on the left side (the category section) there is an expandable item called Window and under that item is Colours. That is where color changes can be made.

You can use the very awesome 4bit Terminal Color Scheme Designer to generate a full color scheme for your shell.

Just create a color scheme to your liking, then click the Get Scheme button and select putty.

After downloading the .reg file, just import it to your registry to get the new color scheme. By default the registry change will only affect new sessions, but you can also apply the scheme to existing saved sessions by changing the last part of the path in the .reg file.