Drupal - How do I add custom meta tags to a view page?

Current version of Metatag module includes a submodule "Metatag: Views". Enabling this, you get a new section in your views editor to set all metatags available (specific tags are available in other submodules in a very drupal way). metatag: views

I actually believe my comment provides an answer to this question; it cannot be done yet...

But looking at the issue, it seems to be pretty active at the moment and it is planned for the first release candidate. There is a patch available and cgmonroe claimed it worked in his beta 11 version of the module.

So you can wait until RC1 is released, which will very likely contain the Views integration, or you can try to apply the patch.

I ended up turning all my View pages into blocks and then adding the block to a basic page. From there I can edit and add meta tags at will. Not an ideal solution, but should get us by until the new module is released. Thanks @Neograph734 for shedding some light on the issue.


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