How can I verify AD replication between two DCs works

Solution 1:

To ensure two DCs replicate with each other, you can follow the guide Forcing Replication.

You first want to ensure that both clean DCs replicate with each other.

  1. Open Active Directory Sites and Services, navigate to your first DC and open the NTDS Settings.
  2. You will probably see a connection to the old DC. Add a new connection for the new DC. Now force replication with your other DC.

    enter image description here

    Repeat the process for the other DC.

  3. Now inspect replication results for your DCs:

    repadmin /showrepl dc1

Solution 2:

Have you tried DCDIAG? It has lots of tests including Checks for timely replication and any replication errors between domain controllers

Here is a link to Dcdiag information:

Solution 3:

You can also use the graphical utility MS has and checks all AD Forest for replication issues.

Thank you