How can I test that a value is "greater than or equal to" in Jasmine?

I figured I should update this since the API has changed in newer versions of Jasmine. The Jasmine API now has built in functions for:

  • toBeGreaterThanOrEqual
  • toBeLessThanOrEqual

You should use these functions in preference to the advice below.

Click here for more information on the Jasmine matchers API

I know that this is an old and solved question, but I noticed that a fairly neat solution was missed. Since greater than or equal to is the inverse of the less than function, Try:


In this approach, the value of percent can be returned by an async function and processed as a part of the control flow.

The current version of Jasmine supports toBeGreaterThan and toBeLessThan.


You just need to run the comparison operation first, and then check if it's truthy.

  it('should be a decimal',function(){

    var percent = insights.percent;

    expect(percent >= 0).toBeTruthy();