How can I switch an application to a different playback device on Windows 10

Found a free (GPL) alternate and thought I would throw it out there for anyone else stumbling in from google... before anyone throws away $20 to CheVolume or installs their adware-containing trial software (at least according to my AV scan on version, downloaded directly from their site).

found something called Audio Router on reddit / github /

I'm on Win 7 SP1 x64. I've only been playing with it for about 2 minutes but it's correctly playing my Firefox (youtube) audio through the TV and my game (SR3) audio via my headset with minimal effort. I think I might have a winner.

Will report back if I run into any probs. Otherwise, if all works I'll have to kick the guy a few bucks as a thank you; looked like there was a paypal link on his github page

Go to "Playback devices" and disable the type of output you want to unassign from the app. The application will automatically switch to the next available sound output, and you can then re-enable disabled output device.

To the best of my knowledge Windows does not have the option to switch playback devices for programs that are currently playing audio.

Try the third-party program, CheVolume: