How can I stop and delete a docker container launched with restart always option?


sudo docker rm -f container

will kill the process if it is running and remove the container, in one step.

That said, I couldn't replicate the symptoms you described. If I run with --restart=always, docker stop will stop the process and it remains stopped.

I am using Docker version 1.3.1.

docker update --restart=no <container>

Many thanks for those who takes time to respond.

If you use docker directly, Bryan is right sudo docker rm -f container is enough.

My problem was mainly that I use puppet to deploy docker images and run containers. I use this module and it creates entries in /etc/init for the upstart process manager.

I think, my problem whas that, some kind of incompatibilities between the process manager and docker.

In this situation, to halt a container, simply sudo stop docker-container.

More informations on managing docker container run can be found on the docker website