Apple - How can I save state of tabs in Safari?

To see your entire history, select Show All History on the History menu, or press Cmd-Y.

To restore your tabs after each restart, open Preferences from the Safari menu, go to the General tab, and select Safari Opens With All Windows from Last Session.

The main advantages to using Safari over Chrome are its better system integration, which you may or may not care about. Examples of this are proper use of the Notification Centre, ability to AirPlay (some) videos from your browser to other AirPlay devices, iCloud password and bookmark syncing between devices, and Handoff when you want to open a page on your Mac, and continue reading it on your iOS device (or vice versa).

Historically, Chrome has also been a bit of CPU hog compared to Safari, which ultimately impacts your battery life. I haven't checked recently whether that's still the case.

Check out the Safari extension SessionRestore. It's similar to SessionBuddy for Chrome. It lets you save a session manually, give it a name, autosave your tabs every so many minutes, and easily restore.

enter image description here

What it doesn't appear to do is let you edit an already-saved session the way SessionBuddy does.